RE: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service

I went through another enrollment at the cert genrator, this time using twitter. I cannot use the resulting .p12 file to logon to FCNS. There doesnt seem to be anying for FCNS validation ping to consult, at the twitter page (data store). Essentially, there is JUST TOO MUCH being used; too many potential failures of multiple interworking points. The OAUTH eventually worked (with Twitter). The facebook data space mostly worked. The IE .p12 stuff seems to work very nicely. The email ping back worked, but could not repeat the trial (need to learn to use IE javascript to do logout, so you can rechallenge the cert picker). Need to start smaller, when doing multi-vendor interworking. First, the generated .p12 given a NO login (to the cert picker app) needs to talk to FCNS, where the webid in the cert SAN JUST shows a foaf card when used in a browser. No twitter, no facebook, not nothing. Just simple files, and logon, and no third party vendor interaction. Having played with blogging platforms (and RDFa), Im going to go back to hosting a foaf profile in azure blob storage. lets see how well  folks do with a journaled cloud data service, if FCNS can ping it now, etc. 		 	   		  

Received on Thursday, 22 December 2011 14:22:40 UTC