Re: World Wide Web of Trust

On 20 December 2011 08:26, Henry Story <> wrote:
> Some time ago we were criticised for taking on the word "Web of Trust" which is confusing as it has been taken
> up by GPG people. I suggest that when this issue comes up we can now distinguish our version's full name as
> being a World Wide Web of Trust . Something we could use in the spec perhaps .

Pointer to the criticism?  I had always considered WOT to a more
generic idea, that could be expanded to the web.

I do like the term "World Wide Web of Trust".   WWWOT?

I also wonder, Is a GPG key an IFP?  Is it a URN?

Best I've seen to date is:

Notice they also use the term web of trust, as do which
is the first hit on google ...

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