Re: WebID with XMPP, SIP, ...?

For what it's worth (what u paid for this), I don't use the wiki as its not webid enabled.

I spent the last 2 weeks doing large scale phone network certification - focussed on Certs, tls, phone (and iPhone applet) security provisioning, and use of tls and tls record layer for signaling across multiple call legs and then framing the voice data in a s-rtp stream. It also had to work with h323 and sip registrars/proxies doing call admission control. This all had to use hardware ciphering, since it has to scale to high bandwidth : 50gps in my case).

It was not the mission, but I kept looking at the Certs and the interaction with the cert server built into Cisco routers we were using. How might it leverage webid (knowing kingsley will already have show how linked data sparql queries can replace conventional disk plans and call routing).

There is lots to discuss, one we can make web browser authenticate to sites (such as the projects own wiki).

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> On 17.12.2011 11:40, elf Pavlik wrote:
>> How about making a page on a wiki for it? 'WebID beyond HTTP' maybe?
>> What do you think about mentioning possibility of protocols other than HTTP in the spec?
> It's definitely possible. We talked about it on that workshop. But we also agreed that the specification would be limited to a minimum when it comes to protocols. So it is good topic to return in future.
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