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Re: [foaf-protocols] foafssl.org login

From: Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 13:20:11 +0100
Cc: foaf-protocols@lists.foaf-project.org
Message-Id: <AA584383-CAEF-40A8-A85E-7852D7FEC5EC@bblfish.net>
To: Natanael Arndt <NatanaelA@gmx.de>, public-xg-webid XG <public-xg-webid@w3.org>

On 13 Dec 2011, at 12:48, Natanael Arndt wrote:

> Ok,
> I have changed the datatypes to xsd:, but [1] tells me to use cert:
> --- start citation from [1] ---
>     <cert:key>
>       <cert:RSAPublicKey>
>         <rdfs:label>made on 23 November 2011 on my laptop</rdfs:label>
>         <cert:modulus rdf:datatype="http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/cert#hexBinary">
> 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
>        </cert:modulus>
>         <cert:exponent rdf:datatype="http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/cert#integer">65537</cert:exponent>
>       </cert:RSAPublicKey>
>     </cert:key>
> --- end citation from [1] ---

Very well spotted Natanal . That was an error I introduced yesterday before the release. I have fixed it in the editor's draft


and we should make a quick fix release very soon. Thanks.

> And I have removed the seeAlso, because it doesn't exist anymore.

You can have an rdfs:seeAlso from your WebID Profile to something else. In fact on the WebId list we 
were just discussing what would be a good relation to point to a protected resource.

> But why should I remove the owl:Ontology? It is just a resource of rdf:type foaf:Person and owl:Ontology.

This is not really related to WebID, so I don't think it's an issue here, but people are not ontologies, so that you will later 
have trouble with that. But I don't want to get into a debate on that - if you can't see it then you'll experience it at a later point.

> The redirect is cause by our LinkedData extension for OntoWiki, because I thought its easier to manage a WebID with an OntoWiki compared to editing a text-file. Is there any other application which I can use to manage and server my WebID?

Well this makes for an interesting use case. Can you mail the WebID list the details of this setup in a new thread
on redirects. We are interested to see where redirects can be useful to justify possibly introducing this added complexity
into the spec. We are trying to keep things as simple as possible to get implementors on board. So we need to understand
why things like redirects could be useful, and also then look at the issues with security these may entail. I don't think
they do, but we then need to look at those issues.

For the moment it is certainly simpler to not use redirects. I think foafssl.org will accept them though.


> [1] http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/webid/spec/#in-rdf-xml
> Thank you for your help
> Natanael
> On 13.12.2011 11:45, Henry Story wrote:
>> The other issue is 
>> $ curl -I -L -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" http://people.comiles.eu/natanael
>> HTTP/1.1 303 See Other
>> I am not sure how many servers correctly follow through with redirects here. Is this
>> something you really need? Why?
>> We have not yet worked out the details of issues one could have with redirects.
>> Henry
>> On 13 Dec 2011, at 11:32, Henry Story wrote:
>>> [ Sending this to WebID list as it is interesting. Andreas could not authenticate with
>>>  foafssl.org because it had trouble with his profile]
>>> On 13 Dec 2011, at 10:22, Andreas Radinger wrote:
>>>> curl -L -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" http://people.comiles.eu/natanael
>>> Yes, I see that you are nearly right. You have the following
>>>  <>     a owl:Ontology,
>>>      = <http://comiles.eu/~natanael/foaf.rdf#me> ;
>>>      :key </natanael/key2011>;
>>> </natanael/key2011>     a :RSAPublicKey;
>>>          rdfs:label "created in 2011";
>>>          :exponent "65537"^^:integer;
>>>          :identity <>;
>>>          :modulus "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"^^:hexBinary .
>>> So currently the issue is there are a few issues I can see
>>> 1. You are identifying yourself with an ontology, and confusing that with a document
>>> 2. You are using the cert:hexBinary and cert:integer when you should be using xsd:hexBinary
>>> and xsd:integer
>>> 2 is the operational problem
>>> You can fix 1 with 
>>> <> foaf:primaryTopic <#me> 
>>> <#me> a foaf:Person;
>>>       :key ...
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