CORRECTION Terminology: Data Source & Domain Ontologies

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> All,
> While digesting today's minutes, I came across the terms: Data Source 
> Ontology and Domain Ontology. Although this isn't the first time I've 
> encountered these terms (since I've met Prakash at our month Semantic 
> Web Gatherings a few times), I would like to acknowledge that these 
> terms should become vital parts of the RDB2 RDF lexicon for the 
> following reasons:
> 1. Historic links to related realms e.g. in the early '90's NeXT 
> developed an Objective-C based mapping layer called EOF (Enterprise 
> Object Frameworks) the enabled RDBMS to Objective-C mapping via what 
> is Prakash calls a "Domain Ontology" generated from the source RDBMS 
> schema
I meant: "Data Source Ontology" :-)
> 2.  Contemporary links to related realms e.g., Microsoft offers 
> Enterprise Object Frameworks as its .NET based mechanism for RDBMS to 
> .NET based Entity mapping via an Entity Model Generator (EDM) that 
> also produces a "Domain Ontology".
> Prakash/Mike: Thanks for the introduction of these terms. I believe 
> they will greatly aid the messaging aspect of the RDB2RDF effort, 
> amongst other things :-)

The "Data Source Ontology" is where NeXT and more recently Entity 
Frameworks have focused their attention. RDF on the other hand, extends 
this concept by adding the ability to go beyond the "Data Source 
Ontology" directly from the RDBMS or by mapping the "Data Source 
Ontology" to a "Domain Ontology".

Phew! Got that sorted :-)

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