Revised agenda for today's RDB2RDF Telcon

  RDB2RDF XG Agenda

  1. Roll Call

  2. Appointment of minute taker

  3. Approve minutes of October 30/31 f2f meeting

  4. XG Logistics

No telcon: Nov 14, 2008. Next telcon Nov 21

Prakash Mangwani from BBN will present on Nov 21.

5. Action Items:
- Jenny/Cathy to send out use case to the group.

- Michael to work with Themis on use cases for ENS

- Bijan to send and annotated OWL bibliography to the XG list

- ChrisB to email the XG list to solicit other SPARQL-SQL rewriters to test

6. Satya Sahoo and Wolfgang Halb  Update on Literature Survey

7. Discussion of XG Recommendation

8, Use RIF for mapping?

Axel Polleres

Kingsley Idehan

9. AOB

All the best, Ashok

Received on Friday, 7 November 2008 10:52:25 UTC