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RDB2RDF XG: Minutes for May 30 Telcon -- Rev 1 ashok malhotra (Friday, 30 May)

RDB2RDF: Minutes for May 30 Telcon ashok malhotra (Friday, 30 May)

Slides for DartGrid Huajun Chen @ Zhejiang University (Friday, 30 May)

RDB2RDF: Agenda for Friday's call ashok malhotra (Thursday, 29 May)

rdfs rdb vocabulary (again) Paul Tyson (Monday, 26 May)

Updated slides from D2RQ presentation Richard Cyganiak (Sunday, 25 May)

Minutes of RDB2RDF XG Telcon may 23, 2008 ashok malhotra (Friday, 23 May)

RDBToOnto presentation at RDB2RDF XG Sören Auer (Friday, 23 May)

Who of the group is going to ESWC? Axel Polleres (Friday, 23 May)

Possible deliverable of this XG Sören Auer (Wednesday, 21 May)

Agenda for RDB2RDF XG Telcon, Friday May 23 ashok malhotra (Wednesday, 21 May)

[Fwd: Getting on IRC for the RDD2RDF calls] ashok malhotra (Monday, 19 May)

RDB2RDF XG -- Minutes on May 16 Telcon ashok malhotra (Friday, 16 May)

link to orri's presentation Axel Polleres (Friday, 16 May)

RDB@RDF Agenda for Friday's call ashok malhotra (Thursday, 15 May)

hi Andrew Matthews (Wednesday, 14 May)

Minutes of RDB2RDF XG Telcon, May 9 2008 ashok malhotra (Friday, 9 May)

Triplify Information Sören Auer (Friday, 9 May)

Agenda for May 9 RDB2RDF XG Telcon ashok malhotra (Wednesday, 7 May)

RDB2RDF Literature Survey: Input Requested Satya Sahoo (Tuesday, 6 May)

Metrics ashok malhotra (Friday, 2 May)

[Fwd: SWIG F2F meeting during W3C Tech Plenary week? (during Oct 20-24th 2008)] Dan Brickley (Friday, 2 May)

Schema integration -- at RDB or RDF Level ashok malhotra (Friday, 2 May)

Minutes for RDB2RDF Telcon May 2, 2008 ashok malhotra (Friday, 2 May)

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