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[Web Standards Project] Re: Executive Summary + Conclusion added to whitepaper

From: Glenda Sims <notifications@webstandardsproject.grouphub.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 21:32:15 +0000
To: J Public <public-xg-owea@w3.org>
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Company: OWEA
Project: Open Web Education Alliance
Link: https://webstandardsproject.grouphub.com/C45203015

Glenda Sims commented on a message:

   Doug, good questions.

   At this point, if you must, I suggest that you share the ROUGH
   DRAFT version of the OWEA Executive Summary & Conclusions with
   W3M. Please emphasize that this is a very early draft. I would
   suggest you should get a nod from John Allsopp on this too
   before officially passing it to W3M.

   The OWEA team will work on answering these additional important
   questions. I believe that it is too early to provide details on
   membership levels and a business model. We will continue to work
   out these details.

   We can discuss a reasonable timeframe for the next version of
   the white paper (as well as the target for the final version) at
   the meeting on Thursday.


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