[Backplane XG] Updated final report

All -- attached is the final report updated with references and edited long
descriptions to line up with correct figures.  I've reluctantly followed
the practice of other XG's in hardcoding the section numbers to avoid the
previous problems with the CSS autonumbering on different browsers.  I
*still* have to make a final pass for the real editing so it will be a few
days before we can make the publication request...deadline for that before
TPAC is Oct 27.

I would appreciate any -1's ASAP if you have problems releasing essentially
this text for publication...otherwise, I will proceed to final editing for
readability etc and request publication shortly...Thanks, Charlie

(See attached file: report-v5.zip)

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Multichannel Web Interaction
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Received on Saturday, 17 October 2009 21:00:50 UTC