Re: [Backplane XG] Updated final report

Gregory - awesome...thanks! Will look at it shortly and use as the basis
for final edits...Charlie

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attached is version 6 of the RWAB XG report, which still validates
according to tiny, but which has un-summarized TABLEs used to
control layout, which causes tidy to bark a warning at anyone using
tiny on the Overview.html file -- are these tables necessary?  it
is not a show-stopper, but a suggestion, as there is no real need
for putting graphics and their captions in a table (although, i can
"see" that it "binds" the two in a way, which would be only
achievable without a table -- given the DOCTYPE declared for the
XGR, XHTML 1.0 transitional -- if one used ARIA markup to bind the
twain in a DIV)

summary of GJR's changes:

1) changed all coding sample captions to "Example X"

2) changed all graphics captions to "Figure X"

3) the longdesc files now live in the same directory as the
   Overview.html file, so the longdesc files directly reference

4) there are 9 graphics and 3 code examples in the document;
   charlie, please double-check the enumeration of examples
   and figures in the document to ensure that the prose points
   to the correct figure or example -- i have checked that all
   of the longdesc links work, as well as the [D] links, and
   the "return-to" links on each individual longdesc page;

5) i have added <CODE> ... </CODE> where missing;

6) i have added 3 style rules to the HEAD of Overview.html:

   6.1) 2 audio rules to control expression of ACRONYM and ABBR
        expansions (speak or spell)

   6.2) 1 rule conforming to WCAG2 Technique C7, so as to disambiguate
        the [D] links added by steven without distorting the visual
        canvas; this style rule is also used in the "return-to" links
        on the longdesc pages to allow for contextualization and

7) marked all abbreviations and acronyms using ABBR and ACRONYM --
   in the first instance (as well as in the table of contents or
   when an acronym is the heading text for the section), i explicitly
   expanded the acronym or abbreviation, when repeated, they are
   simply enclosed in a declarative wrapper with the corresponding
   audio styling invoked through use of the "class" attribute;

PLEASE NOTE: i have not added jack's suggested edits, as i concentrated
primarily on the document from a markup and accessibility stand-point,
and groked code primarily, rather than content, so charlie, the missing
text still needs to be incorporated into the XGR

hope this helps,

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> Thanks, Jack...yes -- those are the edits I've been wanting to
> get to but have been tied up doing references and figures etc.
>  So I think you have the correct version.  Charlie
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> On  17-Oct-2009, at 23:00 , Charles F Wiecha wrote:
>       All -- attached is the final report updated with
> references and      edited long descriptions to line up with
> correct figures. I've      reluctantly followed the practice of
> other XG's in hardcoding the      section numbers to avoid the
> previous problems with the CSS      autonumbering on different
> browsers. I *still* have to make a final      pass for the real
> editing so it will be a few days before we can make      the
> publication request...deadline for that before TPAC is Oct 27.
>       I would appreciate any -1's ASAP if you have problems releasing
>       essentially this text for publication...otherwise, I will
> proceed to      final editing for readability etc and request publication
>       shortly...Thanks, Charlie
> Charles,
> I still see various "..." in the introduction. Am I looking at
> the correct version?
> As I'm going to be offline for the rest of the week I'll put in
> my comments anyway.
> Section 2, last three paragraphs.
> - "section one/two/three"  have no clear mapping to chapter
> numbers, could you add those? - Could you mention the
> conclusions section separately, and state that we suggest future
> work there (so people will at least read that)?
> Section 3
> - The first time we use RIA, should we define the acronym?
> - The "return to text" link at the end of the figure 1 longdesc doesn't
> work for me (it opens the directory containing all the html files)
> That's all, I guess.
> --
> Jack Jansen, <>,
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