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These links open an XForm enabling users to edit the content of performance plan templates to document their performance indicators and stakeholder roles in support of U.S. federal agency compliance with newly enacted requirements set forth in the OPEN Government Data Act and the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act: --> --> --> -->

We have far too much "policy" and "guidance" (e.g., laws & regulations) in narrative form and far too few actual performance plans and reports in open, standard, machine-readable format.

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Couldn't there be an option, to load XForms externally, like stylesheets
or scripts?

Maybe, if somebody makes a proposal for that.
I think that a proposal should cover the fact that XForms markup is typically interleaved with host language markup, which is not the case of JavaScript (which runs and then might mutate/generate a DOM, in the case of HTML) or XSLT (which applies to input trees and produces result trees).
So should that be a simple inclusion? Should host language markup be allowed in the included markup? I am sure there are a few other questions that might come up.

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