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14.9 The setfocus Element

25 Complete XForms Examples (Non-Normative)

ACTION-2112: Change definition of rrr actions to say that they do *at least* r

ACTION-2131: Adopt new validation rule in text

ACTION-2134: Add the two email types to the spec

ACTION-2135: Implement resolution making actions dispatch an action-error for id attributes

ACTION-2136: Spec up alert mip for further discussion.

ACTION-2137: Make errortype for bad ids idref-error

ACTION-2138: Assign anj error name to the settarget errors

ACTION-2139: Add telephone datatype.

ACTION-2140: Check google library for support of extension numbers in telephone numbers

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Agenda 2017-09-13

Agenda 2017-09-20

AVT and 'valid'

Email type

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Minutes 2017-09-20

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setvalue on a nodeset

Telephone number type


xforms-action-error context information

xforms-action-error error types

xforms-action-error error-type

xforms-action-error error-type values

XSD numbers and whitespace (was: Re: Email type)

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