ACTION-2121 - Reformulate text for @incremental

It seems to me that the distinction between incremental and  
non-incremental is

* non-incremental: the instance gets updated when the control loses focus
* incremental: the instance gets updated immediately.

This leads me to think that it is wrong to say that the default value for  
@incremental is 'false': it seems better to say that it is different per  
control, and per modality.

So here is a proposed text for @incremental:

Author-optional attribute that determines when a bound control updates  
instance data.

Normally, controls that only require a single interaction update the  
instance immediately when a change is made; controls that require more  
interaction, like text-oriented controls such as <code>textarea</code>,  
only update the instance once focus is moved away.

When false, this attribute indicates that the instance data should be  
updated when the control loses focus; when true, the instance data should  
be updated more often, thereby generating more xforms-value-changed  
events. When true, an implementation may buffer sequences of changes  
happening in quick succession, and apply them all at once.

The default value for this attribute varies per control, and possibly per  
modality, but for textual controls the default is normally false.


Received on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 14:29:25 UTC