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[XForms] Section 7 Comments on 2.0 Draft

ACTION-2007: Add two new cols to table in 10.1 events overview

ACTION-2015: Check all uses of <data>

ACTION-2019: Fix up the definition of power()

ACTION-2020: Propose what to do if serialization in serialize()

ACTION-2027: Decide how to deal with adjust-datetime-to-timezone() clash

ACTION-2034: Add "document" to the glossary

ACTION-2042: Add up/down pattern to examples in spec

ACTION-2057 - Write spectext for replacement of compute-exception

ACTION-2067: Reply to requester on transform()

ACTION-2068: Mark output-error as notification in overview table

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Agenda 2016-06-22

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Balisage 2016 program posted

Minutes 2016-06-08

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More thoughts on the transform() function

question and meta-question about XForms 2.0 and the expression module

Sections 7&8

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