Re: More thoughts on the transform() function


I propose that we should do the following:

1. XForms 2.0 does not include a `transform()` function.
2. A subsequent version of XForms, or an amendment to the XPath Expressions
Module, can specify in the future the use of XPath 3.1 as an expression
language. This will naturally bring support for the XPath 3.1 `transform()`

I would expect point 2 to be fairly straightforward as XPath 3.x is a
natural evolution of XPath 2.0, while XPath 2 was a more massive change
compared to XPath 1.0.


On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 9:24 AM, Erik Bruchez <> wrote:

> XPath 3.1 (maps only appear in XPath 3.1...) should better be considered
>> for XForms 3.
> Oh that's right, I had missed that "The main new features in XPath 3.1
> are: 3.11.1 Maps 3.11.2 Arrays." So obviously I meant all along XPath 3.1.
>> XQuery 3.1 and XQuery Update Facility could, then, also be supported in
>> actions.
> Optionally, why not (except the time needed to specify it, and the lack of
> implementations). Another avenue would be to create a standard JavaScript
> API.
> -Erik

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