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<bind type="foo"/>

ACTION-2094 - Produce example for xforms-next

ACTION-2102: Make out-of-bounds @at an error

ACTION-2103: Make unidentified type in a bind a binding-error

ACTION-2104: Make insert and delete contexts consistent

ACTION-2105: Add note about preference of using indexref to index()

ACTION-2106: Make submission/@ref a single item binding

ACTION-2107: Adopt new evaluation context text

Agenda 2016-12-07

Agenda 2016-12-14

Agenda 2016-12-21

Core Attribute Collections

Dynamic dependencies

Evaluation context

Event on submission result

index() in model binding expressions

insert and delete

insert and delete contexts

Message from a new admirer

Minutes 2016-12-07

Minutes 2016-12-14

Minutes 2016-12-21

Processing nested binds

refresh vs xforms-model-construct-done

Rewrite of Evaluation Context

Serialization as multipart/related


Text for function var/result

The action Element

xforms-next example

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