question and meta-question about XForms 2.0 and the expression module

Please forgive my directing the following question to this list, if it
should have gone somewhere else.

Question: there was once a transform() function in a once-current
draft of XForms 2.0, no?  Where did it go?  Why is it gone?

I find several drafts related to it on the old /Markup/Forms wiki [1],
all from 2011 or so.  And I find a list of resolutions including a
decision marked 2010-1-1 reading "RESOLUTION: Use the function version
of transform".  But since then, nothing.  


Meta-question: Neither the current draft of XForms 2.0 at [2] nor the
current draft of the XPath Expressions Module at [3] seems to say, in
their front matter, where comments should be directed.  If comments
are in order, here is one reader who thinks it would be helpful to
know where to send them; if comments are not in order until some later
stage (e.g. publication on the /TR page?), here is one reader who
thinks it would be helpful to say that.  

Unless I hear otherwise, I for one will assume that comments on the
spec should go to this list.



Received on Tuesday, 12 April 2016 22:26:54 UTC