[ANN] Announcing Orbeon Forms 4.5


See the blog post here:


Related to XForms specifically, I can mention:

- Support for the XForms 2.0 bind() function (there was xxf:bind() before that)
- Improved resolution of binds-as-variables (an extension) [1]
- Nicer readonly display of radio buttons and checkboxes [2]
- Support for hints on individual radio buttons and checkboxes [3]

Most of  the other changes are related to the builder, runtime and components.



[1] https://github.com/orbeon/orbeon-forms/wiki/XForms:-Model-bind-variables#variable-resolution
[2] http://blog.orbeon.com/2014/03/review-and-pdf-improvements.html
[3] http://blog.orbeon.com/2014/02/hints-for-checkboxes-and-radio-buttons.html

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