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From: Steven Pemberton <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:00:48 +0200
To: "Forms WG" <public-forms@w3.org>
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In several places when an error event is dispatched, the context  
information includes an indication of the error.

I recently ran up against a problem with the context information for the  
xforms-submit-error event: if you get the event, then event('error-type')  
is meant to tell you what the problem is, but you get 'resource-error' for  
several different cases.

It seems to me it would be better if we had a different error-type for  
each type of error.

As a result I have collected all usage of error information in the spec,  
in order to see how it could be improved.

There are two ways we could deal with this:

	1) define new values of error-type for the extra cases
	2) keep error-type the same, and add error-message with more detail, for  
the ambiguous cases.

I'm also in favour of specifying that the default action for error events  
includes reporting it to the user.

Summary of decisions to be made:
	- fix or not
	- use new values of error-type, or use error-message
	- agree on names
	- agree on extra information that is proposed between []
	- be more explicit with xforms-action-error?
	- should error-information really be error-message?

The values:

Values for error-type

7.2 The xforms-submit Event

no-data x 2
	- really no data
	- no relevant data
	(proposed values: no-data; no-relevant-data)
resource-error (= no resource specified)

7.2.1 Processing the Response from a Submission

resource-error x 3
	- return value has a media-type that is not acceptable [it might be good  
to include the faulty media type]
	- replace="text" for a return value that is of neither a text type nor an  
XML type [likewise]
	- submission returned an error response [here it would be useful to make  
the error response available]
	Proposed values: result-media-type; result-text-media-type;  
	- replacement instance is in a different model to the submission
	- replacement target is an empty sequence
	- replacement target is readonly
	- replacement target is a non-element
	Proposed values: target-model-error, target-empty, target-readonly;  

Additionally xforms-action-error uses error-type

with values:


but there is no *explicit* text that specifies when expression-error,  
binding-error, or other-error occur.


Three events use error-message as "Optional implementation-dependent error  
message, or the empty sequence."

error-message is produced by

Finally there is event('error-information') -  An implementation-specific  
error string
which is used by xforms-version-exception, and I wonder if this shouldn't  
really be event('error-message').

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