Re: Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I'm a software technical lead working on an application that coordinates 
the operation of geographically distributed, heterogeneous sensors and 
other sensor networks (participating sensors not necessarily defined a 
priori). We must insure that our application will operate with a wide 
variety of sensors and sensor networks, as well as provide an interface 
to our "consumers" so they may make effective use of the overall sensing 
capability without having to deal with specific sensor details. One of 
our challenges is to have our software reason about individual sensors 
(actually about their current readiness states and interface 
definitions) so it can determine if/how to satisfy "consumer" goals. 
Another is to express the overall sensor capability available at a given 
time to our "consumers", where our consumers may be other application 
programs. [I've been working with distributed sensors since 1987.]

My introduction to the concept of a standardized, annotated WSDL was at 
a WSDL-S presentation at the 2006 Semantic Technologies Conference last 
month. I'm interested in seeing annotated WSDL standards and how they 
might mesh with our requirements. I'm also interested in hearing 
perspectives from others on this topic.

My most significant contributions would probably be in sharing 
perspectives from the application domain described above.

Steven Glicker
Ticom Geomatics, Inc.
Austin, Texas USA

Jacek Kopecky wrote:

>Hi all,
>per tradition, we can start participation on the working group with
>personal introductions. In particular, it will be useful if participants
>send something about themselves (to the public list or the member list,
>whichever you wish):
> -- summary of your experience that's relevant to the work of this group
> -- what you expect to get out of this WG
> -- what you hope/expect to contribute.
>Here's mine:
>I'm currently a researcher in Digital Enterprise Research Institute
>(DERI) in Innsbruck, Austria (that without kangaroos), where 
>I work on various Semantic Web Services efforts, both RDF and
>WSMO-based. Previously I worked in Systinet, a company providing Web
>Services infrastructure, on framework implementations and on Web
>Services standardization. 
>In years 2001-2004 I was in the XMLP working group, and since 2002 
>I have been in WS-Description working group, so I have detailed
>knowledge of both SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 2.0, and some W3C committee
>I will be chairing the SA WSDL working group and I hope we will produce
>a useful first step towards standardized Semantic Web Services, 
>i.e., technologies contributing to automation of Web service usage -
>discovery, composition, adaptation and invocation.
>Looking forward to working with you,
>Jacek Kopecký

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