NEW ISSUE (4263) [Primer] Inform domain specific processing of ignorability of assertions

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The new text added to primer on ignorable (as in issue 4041 and noted in
resolution  < 
irc#T22-08-44-1> ) should
include explanation that domain specific processing should be aware of
ignorable marking of assertion. (Thread about proposal for 4041 at
0187.html> )


Add  following text proposed to be added at end of new section 3.4.1  
Strict and
Lax Policy Intersection

"Domain specific processing should be made aware of whether  
assertions it is
processing were marked as ignorable since that may impact domain  

[Note that this proposal is different from the following text which  
was removed
from the original proposal for 4041

"When domain specific processing is to be performed in strict mode,  
it is up to
that domain specific processing to interpret the Ignorable  
rattribute. In lax
mode it is not relevant since ignorable assertions are not passed to  
the domain
specific processing step of the intersection algorithm."]

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

Received on Friday, 19 January 2007 06:40:53 UTC