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[NEW ISSUE] 4253 [Primer] Basic Concepts section on Policy does not explain usage reasonably

From: William Henry <william.henry@iona.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:48:18 -0700
To: public-ws-policy@w3.org
Message-Id: <94DA2C07-FCF1-4489-9AF7-D87D0953AB1F@iona.com>
Title: Basic Concepts section to Policy in primer does not explain  

Description: Section 2.2. is basically an introduction to to why  
someone might
use policy and explains this from the point of view of a simple SOAP  
that wants to use WS-Addressing.  The section then shows a simple  
policy to
cover this case. However the example just mentions that the policy  
can be
attached to the WSDL binding. It doesn't show how this is done.  
Surely this is
fundamental for a new user of Policy. I think that this first example  
demonstrate how the policy might be simply attached to a binding in a  

Justification: For a new user of WS-Policy thePrimer should be  
explaining why
you might use policy (this section does that), and how you would use  
a policy -
two parts a) how to express it (section does that) and b) how to use the
expression (section just mentions this but does not show an example -  
a simple
one would suffice).

Proposal: Change this section to add an example that shows the policy  
in the example attached to a binding in the WSDL.

<wsdl:binding name="AddressingBinding"  
type="tns:RealTimeDataInterface" >
         <wsap:UsingAddressing />
   <wsdl:operation name="GetRealQuote"></wsdl:operation>

Notice that this example does not use any references but shows the  
most basic
way of attaching to a binding.

The section can then point to the section on How to attach Policy to  

Note: Referencing the attachment section will not suffice as the  
section only shows how to attach using a reference. (separate issue  
to be
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