Re: LC Comments from SAWSDL WG (WS Policy issue 4188)

Hello Joel,

Thank you for your comment. The WS Policy WG has is tracking this issue
as .

We discussed it at
. Our resolution is that we agree with your sentiment. We will add a
reference to SAWSDL not in the attachment document [1], but in the
guidelines document [2], and make explicit in that document that there
is no overlap between SAWSDL and WS Policy. See also the discussion
thread at [3].


Regards, Felix.

discussed Joel Farrell wrote:
> The SAWSDL Working Group has reviewed the Web Services Policy 1.5 set of
> specifications and has the following comments.
> We assume that semantic annotations and policy attachments are
> orthogonal extensions to WSDL 2.0 (and 1.1) and when combined on the
> same WSDL component , can be processed and interpreted independently.
> You should confirm that this is the case.
> We recommend that the following statement be made in Web Services Policy
> 1.5 - Attachment to avoid possible future conflicts between SAWSDL and
> the WS-Policy specifications: Policy Assertions on interfaces, (or WSDL
> 1.1 portTypes), operations and messages (the abstract WSDL descriptions)
> SHOULD NOT describe the formal semantics of messages or the action
> performed by the operations.
> Regards,
> Joel

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