RE: NEW Issue: How to ignore some "ignorable" assertions only?

>does not allow for ignoring only  a subset 
>of the assertions marked "Ignorable" 

In your case, the requestor is aware of a set of assertions that it is willing to ignore. For instance, let's say the requestor's policy alternative contains assertions A & B and the set of assertions that the requestor is willing to ignore contains C & D. That is,

A1 = {A, B, C, D}.

Let's say provider P's policy is,

A2 = {A, B, C-ignorable, D-ignorable}

and provider Q's policy is,

A3 = {A, B, C-ignorable, D-ignorable, X-ignorable}

Using the strict mode policy intersection, A1 & A2 are compatible and A1 & A3 are incompatible. That is, the requestor can ignore a subset of the ignorable assertions. I hope this helps.

Asir S Vedamuthu
Microsoft Corporation

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Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 11:59 AM
Subject: NEW Issue: How to ignore some "ignorable" assertions only?

Title: How to ignore some of the assertions marked "Ignorable" only?

The current Intersection Algorithm's use of "Strict" and "Lax" modes does not allow for ignoring only  a subset of the assertions marked "Ignorable". In many use cases it is conceivable that the consumer would want to ignore only some of the assertions. 

How to derive the intersection / effective compatible subset that the consumer wants to use with only a subset of the assertions marked ignorable?

Articulated in the description section but, I think it is desirable to enable this.
Target: WS-Policy 1.5 - Framework


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