NEW ISSUE: Example 3.1 does not follow the algorithm/definition in merging policies

Title: Example 3.1 does not follow the algorithm in merging policies

Description: The example 3.1 claims to be result of merging. The merge
is defined to be 

Definition: a merge consists of serializing each policy as a policy
expression, replacing their wsp:Policy element with a wsp:All element,
and placing each as children of a wrapper wsp:Policy element.] The
resulting policy expression is considered to represent the combined
policy of all of the attachments to that policy subject.

The resulting example does not contain any replacement of wsp:All
elements with a wsp:Policy element and does not follow the definition. 

Justification: The example is confusing and does not follow the
description of the merge. 

Proposal: Fix the example to reflect the merge algorithms intent by
introducing wsp:All as appropriate wrappers. 

This is also files as [Issue 4209]. 

[Issue 4209]


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Received on Friday, 12 January 2007 23:51:12 UTC