Re: [NEW ISSUE] 4103 Questionable use of Contoso Ltd in Primer

Just FYI: In reply to this discussion, the W3C "manual of style" has
been updated. See .
In sec. "11.7 Using Examples",

"If you need an evocative name, use a machine name (e.g.,"

has been changed to:

 "If you need an evocative name or the name of a business, use a
   machine name (e.g.,"


Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 11:53 -0500, Christopher B Ferris wrote:
>>> Title: Questionable use of fictitious corp. name "Contoso Ltd."
>> I unfortunately missed the call this week despite Felix asking me to
>> attend, but looking at the thread and the discussion on issue 4103, I'd
>> like to point that W3C have guidelines in terms of domain name in
>> examples:
>> [[
>> Domains in examples adhere to section 3, "Reserved Example Second Level
>> Domain Names," in RFC 2606 [DOMAINS]. Use the domains,
>>, and for all examples. The Internet Assigned
>> Numbers Authority (IANA) reserves them for this purpose. If you need an
>> evocative name, use a machine name (e.g.,
>> ]]
>> Contoso Ltd. doesn't come up as a trademark in the USPTO and a google
>> search seems to agree with that fact as well. I don't believe we have
>> guidelines in terms of trademark... yet.
> I talked to some other people within w3c, it is true that there are no
> such guidelines yet. One proposal which came up was to use a company
> name which could be Contoso, but a domain which includes .
> Hence, we would replace the company name Contoso with
>, an do the same for URIs, e.g.
> >
> Alternatively, we could pick up "company A" and have
> Felix

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