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Glen: proposal from Nov 9
Hey all:

Ashok and I got together this morning to discuss the work necessary
around describing the meaning of external policy attachment to
WS-Addressing EPRs, and decided to avoid the whole "let's bounce the
ball back and forth" discussion between our group and WS-Addressing in
favor of trying to actually DO the work and see what it looks like.
This is what we came up with - it involves a few changes to the
PolicyAttachments document, and contains the work in our specification.
We believe this is a small change, gets us where we need to be from the
POV of both groups, and sufficiently explains the preexisting example.

--- Begin Proposal

* Replace the second-to-last sentence in section 3.4 with the following:

The following example illustrates the use of this mechanism with an
EndpointReference domain expression (see section 3.4.2) for a deployed
endpoint as defined in Web Services Addressing [WS-Addressing Core]:

* Add new section as follows:

3.4.2 EndpointReference Domain Expression

This section defines a domain expression for identifying endpoints as
policy subjects for the external attachment mechanism. The following is
a pseudo-schema for the URI domain expression:

(01) <wsp:PolicyAttachment ... >
(02)   <wsp:AppliesTo>
(03)     <wsa:EndpointReference ... >...</wsa:EndpointReference> *
(04)   </wsp:AppliesTo>
(05)   ...
(06) </wsp:PolicyAttachment>

The following describes the EndpointReference domain expression element
listed in the pseudo-schema outlined above:

This element is a WS-Addressing EndpointReference, and references an
endpoint policy subject.

EndpointReference domain expressions are used to attach policies to
endpoint subjects (as defined in sec 4.1.2) identified by a
WS-Addressing EndpointReference [link to WSA].

--- End Proposal

That's it!


I think that any schema to attach policy to an EPR should allow 
specification of attachment levels below the level of endpoint.

e.g., to attach policy to operation types or mesage types supported by 
the endpoint.

Tom Rutt

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