[DRAFT] Agenda: WS-Policy WG F2F 24 - 2007-01-16 to 2007-01-18

Agenda: WS-Policy WG F2F 24 - 2007-01-16 to 2007-01-18

1. This draft agenda will be filled in after the Jan 10 distributed meeting.
2. Additional items may be added up to the F2F meeting time to cover all Last Call comments.

The WS-Policy WG will meet F2F in San Francisco, CA from Jan 16-18, 2007.

The phone number to use for the WS-Policy WG F2F is documented on the WG's administrative home page:

Participants are invited to join IRC channel #ws-policy as documented on the WG's administrative home page. Please register with Zakim:

1. Roll call and selection of secretary, Chair

a) Scribe List:

<to be supplied>

b) Scribe FAQ (Updated)
Member only:

2. Review and approval of last week's telcon minutes, Chair

a) Review and approval of 2007-01-10 minutes, Chair
Draft minutes (member only):

3. Future WG meetings, Chair

a) Next distributed meeting is Wed Jan 31 - Chair is TBD.

b) Future meetings

c) Mar F2F meeting location

d) Future meeting schedule including F2F meetings after Mar 2007 meeting

4. Editorial team report
Current Editors drafts:

a) WS-Policy Framework and Attachments specs, Editors

b) WS-Policy Guidelines for Policy Authors, Editors

c) WS-Policy Primer, Editors

5. Review action items, Chair
Open action items:
Member only:

<list of open action items to be supplied>

6. Liaison items
<to be supplied>

7. Framework and Attachments Last Call issues
<to be supplied>

8. Candidate Recommendation schedule and exit criteria
<to be supplied>

9. Guidelines issues
<to be supplied>

10. Primer issues
<to be supplied>

11. V.Next issues
<to be supplied>

12. Any other business

13. Adjourn


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