NEW ISSUE 4129: Attaching Policies to EPRs

Attaching Policies to EPRs

This issue was raised late at the f2f meeting in Burlington and closed so that we could get to last call.  I'm reopening it as a last call issue.
Please see mail from Glen Daniels
Related to issue 3619 


Attaching policies to WS-Addressing EPRs is likely to be a common metaphor in how WS-Policy is used.  The policy attachment framework should address this usecase.

WS-Policy Attachment

* Replace the second-to-last sentence in section 3.4 with the following:

The following example illustrates the use of this mechanism with an
EndpointReference domain expression (see section 3.4.2) for a deployed
endpoint as defined in Web Services Addressing [WS-Addressing Core]:

* Add new section as follows:

3.4.2 EndpointReference Domain Expression

This section defines a domain expression for identifying endpoints as
policy subjects for the external attachment mechanism. The following is
a pseudo-schema for the URI domain expression:

(01) <wsp:PolicyAttachment ... >
(02)   <wsp:AppliesTo>
(03)     <wsa:EndpointReference ... >...</wsa:EndpointReference> *
(04)   </wsp:AppliesTo>
(05)   ...
(06) </wsp:PolicyAttachment>

The following describes the EndpointReference domain expression element
listed in the pseudo-schema outlined above:

This element is a WS-Addressing EndpointReference, and references an
endpoint policy subject.

EndpointReference domain expressions are used to attach policies to
endpoint subjects (as defined in sec 4.1.2) identified by a
WS-Addressing EndpointReference [link to WSA].

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