issue 3613 proposed resolution

Proposed resolution for issue 3613, "Clarify conversion of compact to  
normal form in Framework section 4.3"


1) As mentioned on the last call, the framework document takes a  
declarative rather than procedural approach, consistent with other  
W3C work. This makes sense, so I would withdraw the proposed  
procedural resolution associated with the 3613 bugzilla entry.

2) However, the framework does not make explicit the result required  
to produce a normal form in section 4.3.3, policy operators.

I suggest the following changes:

add sentence "Order of policy assertions within a policy expression  
is not defined by normal form, no normalization action is required,  
so comparison must account for possible variation."
immediately after heading.

add sentence "wsp:All should be distributed over wsp:ExactlyOne to  
produce the normal form." before "For example"

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

Received on Thursday, 7 September 2006 20:41:18 UTC