Re: [VER2] Agenda: WS-Policy WG Teleconference 11 - 2006-10-04

Hi Chris

Please update 8.a subject and a link with a reference to a new issue [1] I've opened.

or may be just remove 8.a for this new issue be considered during subsequesnt concalls

The reason I'm asking for this is that "Policy expressions with no wire manifestation" is something which is orthogonal to the issue of optionality, as Anthony and Prasad demonstrated in [2] and [3] respectively, though I originally thought that only assertions covered in [1] have 'no wire manifestation' properties...
Many thanks, Sergey

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  Fixed meeting number 
  Fixed link to minutes 
  Updated actions 
  Added list of regrets 
  Added scribe FAQ link to revised FAQ 

  Note also that the Attendance tracker page [1] is not up-to-date. I have been having trouble with poor performance 
  of the participants database, resulting in a time-out retrieving the list of WG participants. As soon as this issue 
  is resolved, I will post the updated attendance page. 



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  Agenda: WS-Policy WG Teleconference 11 - 2006-10-04 
  The phone number to use for the WS-Policy WG F2F is 
  documented on the WG's administrative home page: 
  Participants are invited to join IRC channel #ws-policy as documented on the WG's administrative home page. 
  Please register with Zakim: 
  1. Roll call and selection of secretary, Chair 
  a) Scribe List: 

  Sergey Beryozkin (Secretary for Oct 4) 
  Dimitar Angelov 
  Sanjiva Weerawarana 
  Fabian Ritzmann 
  Sanka Samaranayake 
  Ruchith Fernando 
  Charlton Barreto 
  Jeffrey Crump 
  Tom Jordahl 
  Jong Lee 
  Vladislav Bezrukov 
  Asir Vedamuthu 
  Ümit Yalçinalp 
  Frederick Hirsch 
  Dale Moberg 
  David Orchard 
  Jeff Mischkinsky 
  William Henry 
  Prasad Yendluri 
  Mark Little 
  Abbie Barbir 
  Yakov Sverdlov 
  Anthony Nadalin 
  Monica Martin 
  Glen Daniels 
  Felix Sasaki 
  Maryann Hondo 
  Ashok Malhotra 
  Toufic Boubez 
  Daniel Roth 

  b) Scribe FAQ (Updated)
  Member only: 

  c) Regrets 
  David Orchard 

  2. Review and approval of F2F minutes, Chair 
  a) Review and approval of 2006-09-26 minutes, Chair 
  Draft minutes (member only): 
  3. Future WG meetings, Chair 
  a) Next distributed meeting is Wed Oct 11 - Paul to chair 
  b) Future meetings 

  c) WS-Policy F2F, Sonic, Bedford, MA Nov 7-9 
  Status: Hotel and other local information is now available. 
  4. Editorial team report 
  a) Terms should be defined/targeted in the appropriate sections of the spec, Editors 
  Status from Sep 26: Pending next Editor's Draft. 
  b) Editors to clarify the use of the term "domain", Editors 
  Action item: 
  Status from Sep 26: Pending next Editor's Draft. 
  c) Review next editors draft to see if there are any security considerations from framework doc that apply to attachment doc, Editors 
  Status from Sep 26: Pending next Editor's Draft. 
  d) WS-Policy Primer, Editors 
  ACTION: Prepare an editor's draft of the primer (ETA - determined by editors) and send it to the WG 
  Status: Editor's Draft available: 
  e) WS-Policy Guidelines for Policy Authors, MaryAnn 
  Status: The following actions are pending: 
  ACTION: Prepare Editor's Draft of Guidelines document: 
  ACTION: Add adopted guidance to Guidelines document for Issue 3577: 
  Status from Sep 26: Pending next Editor's Draft. 

  f) Approve Primer ED for publication as WD? 
  5. Review action items, Chair 
  Open action items: 
  Member only: 
  Action items not otherwise on this agenda: 
  a) ACTION 96 - Investigate usage of "policy alternative vocabulary", Glen D 
  6. Liaison items 
  a) New C14N/1.1 WD and Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework (ed. copy) 
  Status: Action on Paul to draft reply: 
  7. Open Issues with pending actions 
  a) External WS-Policy Attachment to WSDL 2.0 components, Ashok 
  Status: Ashok to draft proposal: 
  Ashok's proposal email: 
  b) Definition of Interaction 
  Status: Action on Asir and MaryAnn to draft a change proposal: 

  c) add an issue on coordination with other working groups 
  Status: Glen to start internal thread on possible response: 

  d) Levels of indirection for policy references 
  Status: Action on Dan to get reply from commenter: 
  e) Which policy alternative was selected? 
  Status: Ashok to think about the F2F discussion of this Issue. 
  Also related: 
  f) Need a URI structure to refer to WSDL 1.0 definitions, etc. 
  Status: Actions on Ashok to consider using XPointer: 

  8. Optionality tar ball 
  a) Policy expressions with no wire manifestation, Sergey 
  Status: Sergey is to open a new issue. 
  b) New Attribute keyword to identify 'local' policies 
  c) Optional Assertions may not be usable in all circumstances 
  Status: WG members to review proposed text in Guidelines document. 
  See thread started by Dan: 
  9. Any other business 
  10. Adjourn 

  Christopher Ferris 
  STSM, Software Group Standards Strategy 
  phone: +1 508 377 9295 

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