FW: Plan for new pubrules reminder of existing privacy policy (comments due 5 March)


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Subject: Plan for new pubrules reminder of existing privacy policy (comments due 5 March)

Dear Chairs,

W3C's privacy policy [1] states:

   "We make no effort to identify public users of our site. No
   identifying data is disclosed to any third party for any
   purpose. Data that we collect is used only for server
   administration and Web protocol research."

Because this policy applies to W3C Technical Reports I am
planning on adding the following reminder provision to pubrules:

 "To ensure that the publication is consistent with the W3C
 Privacy Policy [a], the publication MUST NOT include code that
 can be used to disclose identifying data about public users of
 w3.org to any third party for any reason.

 For instance, for any references to scripts, images, or other
 automatically loaded resources, MUST use only w3.org URIs."


We plan to update the checker with a test to report any scripts,
style sheets, images, objects, and other transcluded resources
identified by non-w3.org URIs (note that this does not include <a
href=""> links). The checker will ask the Document Contact or
Webmaster to confirm that these transcluded resources are consistent
with the privacy policy.  The checker is also likely to recommend
that these external resources be copied to w3.org instead to help
ensure the persistence of the technical report (cf. the W3C
persistence policy [2]).

Please send any comments on the wording of the provision by
5 March 2007. I will be working with the Webmaster, Jean-Gui,
on the test during the next week.

Thank you,

 - Ian

[1] http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/privacy-statement-20000612#Public
[2] http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Persistence

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