Re: Error Building the XML files! (BUILD FAILED)

Hello Toufic, all,

The reason for the error message is that the stylesheet for the glossary
generation is XSLT 2.0 (it uses a function doc() which is not available in
XSLT 1.0, to retrieve the term definitions from the framework document).
Ant uses the XSLT processor it founds first on your classpath, which is
properly XSLT 1.0.

I have changed the build.xml so that it uses saxon 8 for this task. Update
the whole directory (saxon 8 is in a subdirectory), and the build should
work again.


> I'm getting a BUILD FAILED error message when I try to generate new docs
> after my edits. Here's the full message. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated!
> Buildfile: C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\build.xml
> glossaries:
>      [xslt] Processing
> C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\ws-policy-attachment.xml to
> C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\glossary-attachment.xml
>      [xslt] Loading stylesheet
> C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\extract-glist.xsl
>      [xslt] : Error! Error checking type of the expression 'funcall(doc,
> [literal-expr(ws-policy-framework.xml)])'.
>      [xslt] : Fatal Error! Could not compile stylesheet
>      [xslt] Failed to process
> C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\ws-policy-attachment.xml
> C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\build.xml:57: Fatal error during
> transformation
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Received on Sunday, 24 September 2006 12:51:09 UTC