Error Building the XML files! (BUILD FAILED)

I'm getting a BUILD FAILED error message when I try to generate new docs after my edits. Here's the full message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Buildfile: C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\build.xml
     [xslt] Processing C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\ws-policy-attachment.xml to C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\glossary-attachment.xml
     [xslt] Loading stylesheet C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\extract-glist.xsl
     [xslt] : Error! Error checking type of the expression 'funcall(doc, [literal-expr(ws-policy-framework.xml)])'.
     [xslt] : Fatal Error! Could not compile stylesheet
     [xslt] Failed to process C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\ws-policy-attachment.xml
C:\Source\Eclipse\workspace\policy\build.xml:57: Fatal error during transformation

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Received on Sunday, 24 September 2006 04:26:40 UTC