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Agenda 2007-05-14 WS-Addressing

Are nested assertions part of the policy vocabulary?

Corrected Agenda WS-Addr 2007-05-14; meeting will last 2 hours, scribe list added

Corrected minutes 2007-05-14 are attached

Draft minutes, WS-Addr 2007-05-14 are attached

Examples to Resolve Issue LC136

Extensions and policy intersection

Intersection use case

LC ISSUE: Extensibility as per WSP section 4.5

NEW Issue - Need a new WS-Addressing metadata namespace

NEW Issue - Update WS-Policy 1.5 namespace reference in WS-Addressing metadata schema

New Issue: WSP namespace - interoperability and forward compatibility (Metadata Spec)

No need for concept of assertion negation

Reminder, no meeting on May 7, Next call will be on May 14

Response to the Last Call comments by WS-Policy to the WS-Addressing Metadata document 1.0

The vicious rumor I spread is false

WS-A Metadata Interop Scenarios

WS-Addressing 1.0 Metadata second last call

WS-Addressing draft minutes from 2007-04-30 are attached

WS-Addressing Metadata 1.0 interoperation test results

WS-Addressing, Next teleconference will be June 4 <EOM>

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