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[lc132]: Proposal: Reference Parameters vs. complete EPRs

Action item - lc129

Agenda, 2006-04-03 Distributed Meeting

Agenda, 2006-04-10 distributed meeting

Agenda, distributed meeting 2006-04-24

Agenda, May 3-4 WS-Addressing Face to Face

Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting 2006-04-17

Apologies for Call on 17th April

Conformance points

Distributed meeting scheduled for 2006-04-17 is CANCELLED

HTTP Request-URI in interop tests?

Likely regrets for 4/3 meeting

Minutes from distributed meting 2006-04-03

Minutes of distributed meeting of 2006-04-24 are available for review

Minutes, distributed meeting 2006-04-10

mU fault one way test

New LC Issue: Changes to wsaw:Anonymous

New LC Issue: Clarify section 4.1

No teleconfrence on May 1

WSDL Binding Feedback -- possible solution

WSDL binding spec incorporating lc issue resolutions

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