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I promised a stab at a concrete proposal:


Add a new section:

6 Conformance

An endpoint reference whose wsa:Metadata element has among its children
the elements defined in [2.1 Referencing WSDL Metadata from an EPR]
conforms to this specification if it obeys the structural constraints
defined in that section.

A WSDL description conforms to this specification when it incorporates
directly or indirectly one or more of the [3.1 wsaw:UsingAddressing
Extension Element] or the [3.3 WSDL SOAP Module] markers, and obeys the
structural constraints defined in section [3 Indicating the use of
Addressing] appropriate to that marker, and those defined in section
[4.2 Action].

An endpoint conforms to this specification if it has a conformant WSDL
description associated with it, and receives and emits messages in
accordance with the constraints defined in sections [4 Specifying
Message Addressing Properties in WSDL] and [5 WS-Addressing and WSDL
Message Exchange Patterns].


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I have an action [1] to detail what I think are the implied conformance
points in regard to issue LC124 [2].


My understanding is that the spec defines a menu of options from which
to choose.  Conformance to the spec doesn't imply that a processor
(whatever that may be) makes use of (either as producer or consumer) all
of the options.


The options are implicitly split up into orthogonal features as follows:

*	2.1 Referencing WSDL Metadata from an EPR.  Further you could
imagine using wsaw:InterfaceName but not wsaw:ServiceName and so forth,
so there may be a finer granularity within this section.
*	2.2 Embedding WSDL Metadata in an EPR.
*	3.1 UsingAddressing Extension.  Implies support for Anonymous
and all of Section 4 ?.
*	3.2 Anonymous Element when used outside UsingAddressing.
*	3.3 WSDL SOAP Module.  Implies support for Anonymous and all of
Section 4 ?.
*	4.2 Action when used outside UsingAddressing
*	4.3 Reference Parameters  when used outside UsingAddressing


Section 5 restates explicitly information inferred by the Core
specification, and therefore isn't something you'd necessarily conform
to separately than the Core.


Except for clarifying the tie of UsingAddressing to Section 4 I'm not
sure adding explicit conformance statements for these optional elements
is necessary.


For UsingAddressing it would be nice to clarify whether conformance to
wsaw:UsingAddressing or the WSDL SOAP Module means that each MUST (MUST
NOT, etc.) in sections 3.1, 3.2, and 4 is followed.


P.S. There aren't any explicit uses of MUST in section 4, which is
probably just an editorial oversight.






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