NEW ISSUE: Schema tweaks

In looking at the schema at and
see a few improvements that could be made.

Title: Suggested schema tweaks

Description: There are several ways to improve the schema, as proposed

Justification: Improve the schema :-)

Target: Schema


1) Add attribute wildcards to ReferenceParamatersType and PoliciesType
so there is consistent attribute extensibility throughout.

2) The spec says @RelationshipType defaults to
"" but this isn't indicated in
the schema.  Although we don't want to require schema validation in
order to construct the property value correctly, is there a reason we
shouldn't describe this defaulting in the schema?

3) Add @blockDefault="#all" to xs:schema.

4) Add @elementFormDefault="qualified" to xs:schema.

5) We seem to mix styles on the names of types.  Some end in "Type",
others don't.  Suggest adding "Type" AttributedURI, AttributedQName,
FaultCodesOpenEnum, FaultCodes, AttributedNonNegativeInteger.

Received on Sunday, 27 February 2005 14:23:46 UTC