RE: straw-man agenda for WS-A/TAG Joint Meeting

Thanks to both Paul Downey and Mark Nottingham for the rapid responses.
I'd ask other TAG members to weigh in if they have any concerns as to how
I've directed the suggested WS-A/TAG agenda.

Paul writes:

> TBH i'm daunted by presenting an outline of what
> is addressing in 10 or so minutes (so as not to
> use up the whole 30 minute slot). adding "what
> is meta-data" to the mix, even within the
> confinds of addressing, puts me somewhat outside
> my comfort zone.

Understood.  I mentioned metadata only because in following the WS-A list,
there seems to be some subtlety in distinguishing the pieces of an End
Point Reference that can be used to identify or select something vs. the
pieces that are purely informative.  For example, can metadata drive
message routing, or indirectly cause the EPR to designate sub-resources?
I'm guessing that the TAG is most concerned with issues relating to
identity and use of URIs vs other info in an EPR, and rightly or wrongly I
intuited that an introduction to your notions of metadata and parameters
would be essential.   I'd use your 10 mins or so to introduce whatever you
think most helpful as background for understanding identity- and
addressing-related issues.

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Received on Thursday, 24 February 2005 15:53:27 UTC