RE: straw-man agenda for WS-A/TAG Joint Meeting

Noah wrote:
>  * I think it would be helpful if you could give a bit of history and
> guidance on what you consider to be metadata (I know there is recent
> evolution in this area), maybe or maybe not going into the history of
> refParms vs. refProperties, etc.  Basically I think the tag will have
> some
> interest in anything that has to do with data you carried that might be
> viewed as identification of any sort (including things that
> participate in
> routing to a server), vs. things that are clearly parameters or
> metadata.
> Maybe or maybe not controversy will erupt in this area, and if so we
> should have some time allocated for it.  So, I suppose I'm suggesting
> some
> time for discussion of information used to identify things vs. other
> metadata.  Note that the tag had an issue [2] and a draft finding [3]
> on
> metadata in URIs.  FWIW, there's also a finding called "Authoritative
> Metadata"; though my intuition is that this is less pertinent to your
> work, you might want to have someone take a quick look to make sure I
> didn't miss a connection.

Mark wrote:
> Paul, can you please include some status on metadata in your
> presentation, to seed discussion here?

OK, i'll do my best to send an outline of the presentation tomorrow
morning before i jump the plane.
TBH i'm daunted by presenting an outline of what is addressing in 10 or 
so minutes (so as not to use up the whole 30 minute slot). adding "what is 
meta-data" to the mix, even within the confinds of addressing, puts me 
somewhat outside my comfort zone.  


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