RE: Thoughts on TAG issue EndpointsRef47

> Why isn't a http URL logical? It is a logical address that happens to
> resolved by an application-specific combination of DNS lookup and Web
> Server at message transfer time. Savas' prior example of using a URN
> address a service hosted on a P2P network is no different really.

To further support Jim's argument above, let me give another example. Do
you think that WS-Addressing should specify that when the SOAP message
bellow is sent by a sender the sender MUST use HTTP for the transfer of
that message?

    <wsa:Action>urn:ProcessMessage</wsa:Action> <!-- :-) -->
    <!-- bla bla -->

What if the original sender decided to use a pigeon to transfer this
SOAP message to an intermediary? Does it really have to use HTTP? Should
WS-Addressing define the semantics on how a SOAP message is transported?


Received on Wednesday, 9 February 2005 01:42:52 UTC