RE: Thoughts on TAG issue EndpointsRef47


> Well, what if the publisher of the epr wants to but the 
> actual http url as the wsa:to address.  How is this usage 
> distinguished by the more abstract "logical" address use case 
> you are championing.

Why isn't a http URL logical? It is a logical address that happens to be
resolved by an application-specific combination of DNS lookup and Web
Server at message transfer time. Savas' prior example of using a URN to
address a service hosted on a P2P network is no different really.
> Perhaps we need a "choice" element to distinguish the two use cases. 
> There will be many epr
> publishers which want to put a url to direct the http request 
> to in the wsa:to field.

I don't agree. All addresses are logical (Paul Downey has a good blog
post which alludes to this:


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