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Agenda: WS-A telcon 2004-11-15

From: Mark Nottingham <mark.nottingham@bea.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 19:46:55 -0800
Message-Id: <D3E66B9C-35EF-11D9-9807-000A95BD86C0@bea.com>
To: public-ws-addressing@w3.org

W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group - distributed meeting agenda
   Monday, 15 November
   20:00-22:00 UTC & UK/London; 12:00-14:00 US/Pacific; 15:00-17:00  
US/Eastern; 21:00-23:00 FR/Paris & CZ/Prague; 5:00-7:00 JP/Tokyo;  
6:00-8:00 AU/Brisbane
   Dial-in information on WG Admin page  

1. Roll call, select scribe
(see scribe list below)

2. Agenda review, AOB

3. Call for corrections to the minutes
   - 2004-11-08:  

4. Review action items  

     Anish to start (and own) issue 013.  PENDING
     Anish to start (and own) issue 020.  PENDING
     Anish to start (and own) issue 017. Due 2004-11-11.  PENDING
     Anish to start (and own) issue 010.  PENDING
     Gudge to start (and own) issue 003. Due 2004-11-11.  DONE
     Gudge to start (and own) issue 004.  PENDING
     Editors to include language that says that soap 1.1 wsdl 1.1 are  
included for backward compatibility only  PENDING
     Glen to start (and own) issue 016. Due 2004-11-11.  PENDING
     Glen to start (and own) issue 008. Due 2004-11-11.  DONE
     Glen to start (and own) issue 018.  PENDING
     Greg to start (and own) issue 022.  PENDING
     Gudge to start (and own) issue 025.  PENDING
     Hugo to start (and own) issue 014.  PENDING
     Hugo to start (and own) issue 019.  PENDING
     Marc to start (and own) issue 007.  PENDING
     Marc to start (and own) issue 015.  PENDING
     Rebecca to start (and own) issue 024.  PENDING
     PaulD to propose a resolution for 009. Due 2004-11-12.  DONE
     GlenD to develop the issues that he raised in discussion of 011.   
     SteveV to refine proposals for issue 023. Due 2004-11-11.  PENDING
     SteveV to summarise discussion and make proposals for issue 026.  
Due 2004-11-12.  DONE
     Marc to start (and own) issue 028. Due 2004-11-12.  DONE
     Harris to start (and own) issue 029. Due 2004-11-11.  DONE
     DaveO to work with MarkL and make some proposals for issue 31. Due  
2004-11-10.  PENDING
     Paco to summarise discussion of issue 012 and send out refined  
proposal. Due 2004-11-10.  DONE
     Anish to explain the composability problem WRT RefPs (issue 008).  
Due 2004-11-12. PENDING

5. Upcoming F2F Meetings   

6. Working Drafts
* Editors' update on 1st Public WD availability, changes under way

7. New Issues

* i032 - Use W3C XML Schema to describe the syntax

* i033 - Reference to WSDL definition in an EPR
Owner: Rebecca Bergersen

8. Issues <http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/addr/wd-issues/>

* i001 - EPRs as Identifiers
Owner: David Orchard
Proposal at  

* i003 - WSDL MEPs
Owner: Martin Gudgin
Proposal at  

* i028 - Implications of the presence of ReplyTo
Owner: Marc Hadley

* i029 - Disallowing Faults
Owner: Harris Reynolds

* i012 - EPR Life Cycle
Owner: Robert Freund
Proposal 2 at  

* i019 - WSDL Version Neutrality
Proposal at <http://www.w3.org/mid/20041109004846.GA6193@w3.org>

* i021 - WSDL Extension for Addressing
Owner: Hugo Haas
Proposal at <http://www.w3.org/mid/20041105215731.GD20555@w3.org>

* i026 - Supporting Multiple Ports in EPRs
Owner: Steve Vinoski
Initial discussion/proposal at  

9. Other business

Scribe list

A participant from the Member at the top of the list is expected to  
scribe the meeting. If no participant from that Member is able to  
scribe, a participant from the the next Member on the list is expected  
to scribe. After one participant from a Member scribes, that Member's  
name goes to the bottom of the list.


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Office of the CTO   BEA Systems
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