New test

Here's the test I was suggesting, in what I hope is the right format.

Should we do both a SOAP 1.1 and a SOAP 1.2 version of this?


  <testcase xml:id="test1149"
    <title>SOAP 1.1 two-way message with a duplicate To header and a
ReplyTo of none.</title>
    <description><![CDATA[Two-way message exchange containing a
duplicate To header and ReplyTo of none.  An InvalidAddressingHeader
fault should be generated, but not sent due to the ReplyTo
    <message-exchange type="SOAP11-HTTP-In-Out-Fault"
	<message from="A" to="B"
document="echo/soap11/duplicateToRequest.xml" name="message">
	    <assert test="count(soap11:Envelope/soap11:Header/wsa:To) =
test="soap11:Envelope/soap11:Header/wsa:ReplyTo/wsa:Address =
          <assert test="count(soap11:Envelope/soap11:Header/wsa:FaultTo)
= 0"/>
	<message from="B" to="A"/>

Received on Thursday, 16 March 2006 23:56:49 UTC