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[wot-ig/wg] minutes - 19 May 2021

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Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 15:40:14 +0900
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Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, Cristiano!



      [1] https://www.w3.org/

                             íV DRAFT íV

19 May 2021

   [2]Agenda. [3]IRC log.

      [2] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#19_May_2021

      [3] https://www.w3.org/2021/05/19-wot-irc


          Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan,
          Kaz_Ashimura, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Koster,
          Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Ryuichi_Matsukura,
          Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tetsushi_Matsuda, Tomoaki_Mizushima,





    1. [4]agenda
         1. [5]invited experts
    2. [6]minutes
    3. [7]quick updates
         1. [8]signatures
         2. [9]smart cites workshop
         3. [10]test fest
         4. [11]vF2F
    4. [12]resolutions planned
         1. [13]change logs
         2. [14]abstract edits
    5. [15]publication status
    6. [16]liaisons
    7. [17]TF reports
    8. [18]Summary of resolutions

Meeting minutes


   McCool: we have the time schedule for the f2f
   íK also some other minor updates from liaisons
   íK any other updates to the agenda?
   íK ok no guest

    invited experts

   McCool: we have a new invited expert application from the
   university of Vienna
   íK he will probably be active in discovery and he might
   contribute to the TD


   <kaz> [19]May-12

     [19] https://www.w3.org/2021/05/12-wot-minutes.html

   McCool: minor problems with Dave speach

   McCool: do we already have the end date for Schaeffler
   íK not sure if the invited experts are reached by mail

   Kaz: they have a dedicated archive and mailing list

   McCool: going on, we discussed the liked data stuff
   íK we might talk about that later
   íK also we touched the smart cities workshop

   Kaz: there was a typo and I've just fixed

   McCool: today we are going to review and publish TD document

   McCool: minutes are good, any updates or fixes?
   íK ok we will publish them

  quick updates


   McCool: I did some work on signatures for TDs
   íK it seems that the only candidate is xml Signatures
   íK the only problem is that they are xml not json
   íK my plan is to get inspired from them and report the same
   machanism to json
   íK about hashing and singing algorithms we'll pick two to cover
   requirements from different countries
   íK we need the ability to canonicolize TD fragments or Partial
   TD to be enable signing
   íK an alternative is to use json pointers instead of
   canonicalize TD fragments
   íK anyhow I am close to a final PR about signing
   íK the overall plan is to have a signature block and support
   different signing solutions
   íK for example we can support LDS in the future
   íK any comments?

    smart cites workshop

   McCool: the deadline is now over
   íK we still need more cites

   Kaz: yeah

   McCool: did we get a proposal from singapore?

   Kaz: not yet

   <mjk> If we are planning to use a list (array) of JSON pointers
   to select TD elements for signing, the list can be used to
   order the TD. A list containing all of the TD elements would
   help to canonicalize the TD.

   McCool: we got a good coverage of standards and frameworks, the
   only thing left is more coverage for cites

   McCool: Andrea has a pitch about ontologies and Sebastian about
   íK how long should be the presentation?

   Kaz: I am thinking about 5 min and for pre-recorded video, we
   expect all the submitters use the W3C zoom to record their
   presentation, so I could create a doodle to identify their
   preferred slot.

   McCool: why don't we plan to have draft ready for june 1st
   íK so that we can armonize our presentations for the 11th

    test fest

   <kaz> [20]Testfest wiki

     [20] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_June_2021#Testfest

   <kaz> [21]GitHub repo

     [21] https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/tree/main/events/2021.06.Online

   Ege: I updated the readme
   íK we had a short call

   McCool: We can continue today

   Ege: I cannot join the first half of the call

   McCool: ok maybe we could reschule cause the td call will be
   just one hour long


   McCool: We had a doodle but not many people answered
   íK so we will try to set a tentative day and maybe people will
   complain if that doesn't work

   <McCool> [22]https://doodle.com/poll/p7dher5i2umr4ap8

     [22] https://doodle.com/poll/p7dher5i2umr4ap8

   McCool: if you have any problem with the schedule above use the
   doodle to propose your availability
   íK we should work on the proposed topics
   íK I alredy fixed 3hours for discovery

   McCool: ml do you have any topics for arch?

   <kaz> [23]vF2F wiki

     [23] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_June_2021#Virtual_F2F

   Lagally: We have also profiles

   McCool: adding that
   íK also liaison and marketing as topics

  resolutions planned

   <kaz> [24]PR 1145 - Changelog for 2nd WD

     [24] https://github.com/w3c/wot-thing-description/pull/1145

   <kaz> [25]PR 1142 - Update abstract and introduction section

     [25] https://github.com/w3c/wot-thing-description/pull/1142

    change logs

   McCool: we plan a resolution for today to finalize TD
   íK but before that we have to merge two PRs both informative
   íK we still had namespace problems because we have to wait for
   the CR before allocating them
   íK you had some comments, Sebastian

   Sebatian: yeah there were some confusing sentences
   íK like error fixing that should not be there

   McCool: why don't we merge and then we fix it later, right
   before the publication?

   McCool: ok, I'll merge it as it is
   íK any objections?
   íK we'll do a resolution after Sebastian's edits
   íK ok?
   íK merged

    abstract edits

   McCool: sebastian added a sentence in the abstract about Thing
   íK it is fine but it has a minor error

   Sebatian: I added also new sections to have better structure

   McCool: is there a name space for tm?

   Sebatian: yes there is but is embedded in the main td context

   McCool: can you define security metadate with thing models ?

   Sebatian: yes, you can

   McCool: it would be better if the examples explain template

   Kaz: about namespaces, would be better to have a preliminary
   discussion to solve the issue.

   McCool: maybe an editor note would be fine

   Sebatian: there is a note now

   McCool: ok I think we'll use it also for discovery

   Kaz: in any case it would be good to have a preliminary
   discussion with Philippe and Ralph

   McCool: don't forget to add the discovery namespace

   McCool: any objections to merging pr 1142?

   <McCool> proposal: publish update to TD 1.1 WD as given in


     [26] https://github.com/w3c/wot-thing-description/tree/wd-update-candidate

   Resolution: publish update to TD 1.1 WD as given in


     [27] https://github.com/w3c/wot-thing-description/tree/wd-update-candidate

  publication status

   <kaz> [28]Use Cases and Requirements Note

     [28] https://www.w3.org/TR/2021/NOTE-wot-usecases-20210518/

   McCool: use case document is published
   íK discovery is in progress
   íK it is going to be published soon


   Kaz: echonet is planning to contribute to use cases and plug
   íK I am trying to clarify an actual schedule for their

   McCool: it would be good to have their feedback before TPAC so
   that we can do adjustments
   íK any news from CDD?

   Kaz: I met with them last week
   íK we need to get in touch with ISO TC184/SC4 who defines
   concrete ontology for industries
   íK we are going to have another call with the authors

   McCool: eclass are going to have a presentation for Smart
   Cities workshop

   Sebatian: not really news from there

  TF reports

   McCool: any news from the TF?

   Daniel: script call cancelled next week

   Sebatian: today I am not able to moderate the TD meeting
   íK only one hour
   íK taki will be the moderator

   Kaz: the call will start at the usual time

   <kaz> [Plugfest call right after this call; TD call right after
   the Plugfest call for 1 hour]

   Sebatian: note regading thing description round trip, it turned
   out there's a bug in json-ld spec
   íK now is fixed

   <sebastian> [29]https://github.com/w3c/json-ld-api/issues/514

     [29] https://github.com/w3c/json-ld-api/issues/514

   Sebatian: they also had to issue an errata

   McCool: good, it might affect canonicalization

   <kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of resolutions

    1. [30]publish update to TD 1.1 WD as given in https://

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