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[wot-discovery] minutes - 31 May 2021

From: Kazuyuki Ashimura <ashimura@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 12:49:32 +0900
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Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, Ben!



      [1] https://www.w3.org/

                             íV DRAFT íV
                             WoT Discovery

31 May 2021

   [2]IRC log.

      [2] https://www.w3.org/2021/05/31-wot-discovery-irc


          Andrea_Cimmino, Ben_Francis, Ege_Korkan,
          Farshid_Tavakolizadeh, Kaz_Ashimura, Kunihiko_Toumura,
          Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima





    1. [3]Minutes
    2. [4]PR for TD signatures
    3. [5]Discovery PRs
         1. [6]PR 180
         2. [7]PR 175
         3. [8]PR #181
         4. [9]PR #186
         5. [10]PR #188
         6. [11]#188
         7. [12]#186
    4. [13]Refactor and Restructure
    5. [14]Summary of resolutions

Meeting minutes

   <kaz> [15]diff

     [15] https://w3c.github.io/wot-discovery/publication/2-wd/diff.html

   <kaz> [16]updated wd

     [16] https://w3c.github.io/wot-discovery/publication/2-wd/


   <kaz> [17]May-24

     [17] https://www.w3.org/2021/05/24-wot-discovery-minutes.html

   Reviewing minutes from last meeting.

   No objections to publishing minutes from last meeting.

   Typo on independently.

   Typo reachted -> reached

   No objections to publishing minutes.

   <kaz> (typos fixed)

   FarshidT: Can we prioritise functional changes

   McCool: Kaz has created a diff showing changes for publication,
   we will review this offline

   <kaz> [18]diff

     [18] https://w3c.github.io/wot-discovery/publication/2-wd/diff.html

   McCool: Change log needs adding before we publish. Need a

   FarshidT: I can review.

   McCool: Assuming review passes we can publish.

  PR for TD signatures

   <kaz> [19]wot-thing-description PR 1151 - WIP: TD Signatures

     [19] https://github.com/w3c/wot-thing-description/pull/1151

   McCool: Directories may need signatures. Need canonical form
   for signatures. May also need an expanded form.

   Will discuss further on TD call. Have some feedback with some
   things to fix from security call, hopefully will have a more
   complete version by next week and can discuss discovery

  Discovery PRs

   FarshidT: Created a PR with minor parts of refactor.

   McCool: Ben has made updates to refactor PR

   Also an alternative proposal from Ben

   <kaz> [20]wot-discovery PRs

     [20] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pulls

   (Reviewing a list of PRs)

   Also one around pagination



   <kaz> [21]PR 180 - Create JSON Schema for validation of
   discovery extensions

     [21] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/180

   McCool: I believe that in JSON schema have additional
   properties which describe things that are allowed. First want
   to validate against regular TD schema, and then against this.
   Is there a way to link to another schema?

   FarshidT: First apply TD schema, then this one.

   Cristiano: You can import, but maybe not the cleanest way.
   Programmatic approach (step 1, step 2) cleaner

   McCool: Describe process in prose.

   FarshidT: additionalProperties: true is already true so doesn't

   McCool: Maybe use dependencies, validate extensions.

   Suggest merge it and move on, will add comments to PR.

   No objections to merging.

    PR 180

   Resolution: Merge #180

    PR 175

   <kaz> [22]PR 175 - Updated directory to new ontology model

     [22] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/175

   Relates to Thing and EnrichedThing, not directory API itself

   Andrea: This is just model, not the API

   Now have Thing, ThinLink and ThingDirectory so they are

   McCool: What order should we merge in?

   FarshidT: Doesn't matter

   Andrea: #175 is context, ontology and diagram

   McCool: What generates this XML?

   Andrea: A tool named chowlk

   McCool: Good to check in diagrams as SVG files. Make sure SVG
   not just PNG so easier to edit.

   Andrea: This is the source code of diagrams

   McCool: If this tool is not available in the future, we want to
   be able to edit

   Andrea: We can remove this file

   McCool: If we want to edit in the future, can we start from TTL

   Andrea: Yes

   McCool: Will go ahead and merge this

   FarshidT: We should squash it as there was back and forth

   Cristiano: I see no cardinality in diagrams, is that intended?

   FarshidT: I think there was, but in other PR

   McCool: If there is cardinality in the ontology but not in the
   diagrams, that is inconsistent with diagrams in TD spec. Should
   make consistent with TD spec, please file an issue.

   Resolution: Merge #175

    PR #181

   <kaz> [23]PR 181 - Update exploration figures and types

     [23] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/181

   FarshidT: It's a shame we can't see diagrams

   There are two diagrams

   McCool: I notice cardinality is here. Was the question before
   about this diagram?

   Cristiano: There they are, it's fine.

   McCool: I suggest merging, can always file issues and updates.
   Am a little concerned about the style because the style in the
   TD spec is different. Not a huge deal, but should use similar

   FarshidT: There are also changes in the text describing

   McCool: Style differences can be aligned with TD spec. What
   tool were we using for diagrams in the main TD spec?

   Cristiano: GraphViz?

   FarshidT: I think GraphViz was used to generate visualisation

   McCool: Updated types, names of things, thing link

   Kaz: I checked, it was GraphViz

   McCool: As long as both using UML standards should be OK, just
   don't want to use a different arrow type for subclass for
   example, need to check that.

   FarshidT: New namespace URL we are using everywhere except here

   McCool: When we go to CR we should update to official URIs

   FarshidT: Internal references automatically extracts, extracts

   McCool: Some significant re-organisations to the text

   McCool: Go ahead and merge this. Any objections?

   McCool: Need more time to review?

   Resolution: Will squash and merge #181

    PR #186

   <kaz> [24]PR 186 - Move API spec to appendices

     [24] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/186

   FarshidT: One more easy one. Moved the TD to the end in
   appendices. Still normative but moved it to appendices.

   McCool: Technically you can't make appendices or examples

   McCool: What we should have is a Thing Model that is normative,
   assuming there is a TD for directories

   McCool: If we move it, does it break other pending PRs?

   FarshidT: For appendices there is a class to say whether they
   are normative

   Have marked as a normative appendix

   McCool: I was incorrect, didn't know you could do that. Fine
   with me.

   Do need to convert it into a TM.

   McCool: Could keep it as an example, then add a TM separately
   (without security stuff)

   FarshidT: In the future we can add another section for OpenAPI

   McCool: Security definitions are an example, not meant to be

   Can remove non-normative parts and create a TM

   FarshidT: These could be different subsections in appendices

   McCool: Want to label interactions with scopes

   McCool: No objections to merging, but future work to do

   Kaz: Can move to appendices. At the moment proposed appendix is
   not normative?

   McCool: It is normative, using a calss


   Kaz: It would be better to have section in main body if

   FarshidT: The plan is to explain everything in normative text,
   then have the TD at the end

   Kaz: For the moment moving to appendix while still normative
   fine but should add editor's note regarding moving to main body

   McCool: Right now it's a TD anyway, which should be a TM. It's
   the TM we want to be normative. Put in appendix and cite it
   from the body is the right thing to do.

   Kaz: Agree

   McCool: Do we want to clutter body with assertions which are
   covered clearly in the TM?

   McCool: It's a simple matter to move it up one level, still at
   the end but as a section.

   Kaz: Why don't we just add an editor's note.

   FarshidT: I can create an editor's note

   McCool: Add editor's note saying we may need to make it into a

   McCool: Could just make it a section at the end

   FarshidT: OK I will do that now.

   McCool: Some conflicts need fixing too.

   FarshidT: I can postpone the move until next stage.

    PR #188

   FarshidT: Ben had done a lot of work, but too many changes in
   one PR. Did not take part about separating events into
   different affordances.

   <kaz> [25]PR 188 - Refactor Directory Service API TD (stage 1)

     [25] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/188

   FarshidT: Also separated out anonymous TD

   McCool: Have added scopes. Need a rich set of scopes.


   Renamed URI template

   Added a semantic annotation to say it's an ID

   McCool: Need to explain that it's an ID that needs using later

   McCool: Is this a property or an action?

   FarshidT: It is an action (partialUpdate)

   McCool: Needs renaming?

   FarshidT: partiallyUpdate?

   benfrancis: Have removed all the substantial changes, and just
   renamed things?

   Cristiano: We need to define this ThingID somewhere

   McCool: Maybe we shouldn't call this ThingID, because it may be
   confused with the one in the TD spec

   FarshidT: The one in the TD spec refers to an actual thing's
   ID, whereas here we just care about identifying a TD

   FarshidT: It's actually not the same as the TD spec

   McCool: Could call it ThingDescriptionID instead of ThingID.
   It's the ID of the thing description in the directory.

   FarshidT: Should we call it retrieveTD then?

   McCool: I'm worried about a name conflict with TD spec

   FarshidT: The name is not identical

   McCool: Even if different case, still confusing

   McCool: Can merge and create an issue about this to discuss

   Cristiano: Agree

   Cristiano: I can create issue

   McCool: OK, so just name changes, bug fixes and "at type" for

   FarshidT: I have fixed the name to be a verb. Now

   McCool: I would like to go ahead and merge this. Not ignoring
   other changes, just saying we can merge and move on. Ben can
   rebase his PR on this one.

   McCool: Squash or separate

   FarshidT: Better to keep separate so easier to rebase on top of

   Resolution: Merge #188

   McCool: Need to make a decision. Do we do remainder of
   refactor? Could just make the TD informative. Sounds like we
   could incrementally change, then make it informative. But
   hesitate to make it informative until we have all the text.

   McCool: Could make it a normative appendix for now, make it an
   informative appendix later once normative text written.


   <kaz> [26]PR 186 - Move API spec to appendices

     [26] https://github.com/w3c/wot-discovery/pull/186

   McCool: There is a conflict, I can try to fix now

   FarshidT: Can just remove section above.

   FarshidT: Have removed editor's notes

   (McCool edits PR to resolve conflicts and make fixes)

   McCool: Shall we merge this now? Any objections?

   Resolution: Merge #186

  Refactor and Restructure

   McCool: Need to discuss refactor/re-structure

   McCool: I'm worried about the schedule, we are behind schedule.
   Going to talk to kaz and see how much slack we have. At most we
   have an extra month. Also worried about vacations, will be hard
   to make progress over the summer. Want CR draft by end of July
   at the latest.

   McCool: Was recently thinking about TM being normative issue.
   If a TD has a link to a TM, is it really necessary to repeat
   everything in the TM, or indicate in the link that everything
   in the TM is re-used? If that was the case wouldn't need a big

   Someone needs to commit to writing a description of the API in

   <Ege> [27]https://w3c.github.io/wot-thing-description/#link

     [27] https://w3c.github.io/wot-thing-description/#link

   Ege: In link relation types there is a type relation keyword

   McCool: In a moment will look at Ben's PR and decide whether to
   merge remaining. The PR will probably not merge due to

   Also need to consider whether we want other protocols to be
   supported in the future and whether we depend too much on HTTP

   Ege: Need to say which are core features which should be
   supported by all protocols

   McCool: The idea of a TM is that in theory it is protocol

   Ege: What are the core features?

   McCool: Creating a TD, retrieving a TD, retrieving part of a TD

   McCool: The other thing Ege brought up is describing everything
   in prose. The prose section should use affordance names from
   the TM so we can relate it to the TM. Until we have the prose,
   can't do anything else.

   FarshidT: Adding links to every part of the TM overkill, but
   can have a link

   McCool: I think this is a cleanup step

   McCool: We have a PR, it is probably now half a PR

   McCool: I guess the original PR was only modifying the TD?

   FarshidT: Yes that's correct

   FarshidT: What is not merged is changing retrieval to actions

   FarshidT: Also splitting events API into different affordances

   McCool: Two different topics. Maybe we should discuss them one
   by one.

   Which is easiest to resolve?

   FarshidT: Actions

   McCool: I agree that if it's a verb and it's a thing we're
   doing it should be an action

   benfrancis: Turning into actions is not my idea, I thought it
   should be one property

   McCool: (Looking at TD). A things property, actions to create,
   read, update and delete.

   McCool: ID ends up being a URI variable.

   partialUpdateThing would not work in non-HTTP protocols,

   Ege: Could do a partial update using other approaches, doesn't
   seem protocol dependent

   Ege: In another protocol this would be done in a different way,
   because other protocols don't even have URIs

   McCool: I see partial update as optional

   No way to annotate that in TD, can do in TM

   FarshidT: Actually an important feature

   McCool: Not a blocking feature, I could replace the TD with a
   new one. Less efficient but still works.

   FarshidT: Yes

   McCool: Making it optional means we don't need to do it in
   other protocols.

   McCool: Does anyone have any objections to this structure?

   FarshidT: It's fine for me because the API is the same, but I
   don't understand why things is a property, and querying a
   single thing is an action. The actions are defined as safe and
   idempotent so far, but why is read all things not also an

   FarshidT: My proposal is to make read all things an action as

   McCool: The things property represents the state of the

   McCool: The affordances are listed separately to make it easier
   to use from Scripting API

   FarshidT: I'm not suggesting to mix them, suggesting to move
   things property to be an action, to query everything and

   McCool: Things are the state of the directory, so it's logical
   that things is the collection of things

   FarshidT: I disagree that things are the state of the
   directory, there are other things which are also state

   McCool: The set of resources managed by the directory is its

   FarshidT: Would "subscribers" be another property of the

   McCool: I can imagine doing that, if we wanted it

   McCool: I'm not sure if that would make sense because we have
   events for that

   FarshidT: It was just an example

   McCool: We could have "models" later on

   McCool: I'm personally OK with create, retrieve, update and
   delete as actions

   Resolution: Agree to make create, update, delete, search
   operations actions. Farshid will create a PR with the subset of
   commits for this change.

   things will be a property

   Now discussing single vs. combined events

   FarshidT: Two URI variables, type and full

   Ben is proposing to change one thingRegistration event into
   thingCreated, thingUpdated, thingDeleted

   McCool: In TDs we have events and have multiple classes of

   McCool: It seems to me we should have a way to subscribe to
   multiple events

   FarshidT: There is no way to subscribe to all or multiple in
   the new proposal

   FarshidT: Can't extend

   McCool: Thing Directory could extend it. Could add additional
   event types.

   McCool: Could add an extension in current version with changing
   enumerated types, not sure that's a good approach

   FarshidT: Could extend

   McCool: Put extension issue aside for now, different but

   McCool: In current version, can subscribe to all events in a
   single step

   FarshidT: In HTTP2 when there are multiple subscribers
   separately they will be combined, but requires TLS

   McCool: We need a section about best practices and HTTPs

   McCool: One of the best practices uses a proxy which provides
   TLS. Downside is that if internet goes down it doesn't work.

   McCool: If do HTTP2 it would be taken care of

   FarshidT: On the left there is no way to subscribe to multiple

   McCool: We don't have to merge this, it's not going to be a

   McCool: Need to make a list of pros and cons and decide

   McCool: Why don't we clean up the PRs and get the actions stuff
   cleaned up

   McCool: If Ben can create a PR just for the event part and
   raise arguments for pros and cosn

   benfrancis: (Explains rationale but didn't have time to write
   it down)

   McCool: Agreeing with you, missing feature of TD spec

   FarshidT: At this point I agree with splitting, only question
   is about names of events "create vs. created"

   McCool: Any objections to making this change?

   McCool: FarshidT will you create a PR to add this change?

   FarshidT: Yes

   Resolution: Separate events into three separate events

   McCool: If we want a description of the API in prose, someone
   has to agree to write it

   <kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of resolutions

    1. [28]Merge #180
    2. [29]Merge #175
    3. [30]Will squash and merge #181
    4. [31]Merge #188
    5. [32]Merge #186
    6. [33]Agree to make create, update, delete, search operations
       actions. Farshid will create a PR with the subset of
       commits for this change.
    7. [34]Separate events into three separate events

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