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WoT IG Teleconference Nov 16th, 2016

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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 14:34:29 +0000
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Quick Updates
 Status of AC Review
  Google negotiation reported by McCool.
  Github pull request, proposed to be reviewed by members.
  headlines are sent via e-mail
  Next process treating Google and Mozilla, window is Wendy.
  We should talk with W3C Management within 1 week.
  Next week, finalizing pull requests on charter.
  McCool send e-mail to Wendy tomorrow.

 Communication with OCF, oneM2M, OPC
  By next week, we fix the strategy of collaboration with SDOs.

 WoT Logo
  W3C branding policy does not allow current logo, so disappointed.

OCF Data Modeling [Michael Koster]
 Today, no presentation slides, this is postponed next week.
 Michael will prepare slides and will explain.

F2F Logistics [McCool]
 Venue candidate: Crowne plaza (USD30,000 on 4 days)
 Open day is issue and discussed thru e-mails
 Fujitsu will expertized on F2F (Kaz)
 Samsung might be able to help to provide meeting rooms as 2nd option.(Michael)
 Fujitsu also might be able to host as 3rd option. (Taki)

oneM2M LS update [Yongjing]
 Liaison with WoT is agreed in oneM2M.
 Semantics model reflection, protocol binding is discussed in oneM2M
 (comment)Security is new topic and led by McCool.

Technical Work
 TD [Sebastian]
  Today's meeting was cancelled.
  Closing pull request but we need volunteer to update current practice document
  Schedule: end of Nov. TD issues are fixed and finalized.
  Try to finalize current practice until next f2f

 Hydra [Victor]
  Discussion has done.
  Until next f2f, preparation of updated hydra related proposals.
  So from next teleconference remove this topic.
  Google, Mozilla : RDF is powerful

 Scripting [Johannes]
  We have Monday regular teleconference.
  Zoltan proposed call back mechanism, discovery APIs and so on.
  Browser venders like Google, Mozilla, some discussion on Scripting API from the view point of pre-processing is planned as next meeting.
  Samsung and Huawei also has JavaScript engine. (Michael)
  Samsung's joining is welcomed.
  It is better Web servicer such as Amazon enrolled (McCool)

 Security [McCool]
  Restart security TF former led by Oliver.
  Charter of security TF, we would like to define.
  Everyone interested in is welcomed.
  Huawei guy might help (Yongjing)
  Some guy maybe from Alibaba  expressed on security at Beijing f2f.(Johannes) so access him (Yingin)

Agenda for Next WebConf
 AC Review
 OCF Data Modeling (Michael)
 Next f2f logi
 oneM2M (yongin)
 Technical Work
  TD [Sebastian]
  Scripting [Johannes]
  Security [McCool]

Participants recruiting:
 within IG first by survey(?), next outside
 communication group treats collaboration strategy, so communication group help recruiting

Specific issues
 Classification of devices is defined in IETF(answering Uday's question)
 Proposal of introducing class concept in WoT.
 In the architecture document, many implementation pattern is described depend on device class which has constraint. Then each device ability is represented and declared in TD.
 This issue is discussed in TD.(Kajimoto)
 How to treat constraint device is discussed in e-mail first kicked by Kajimoto.

Kazuo Kajimoto
Senior Councilor of Groupwide Software Strategy,
Groupwide CTO Office,
Panasonic Corporation
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