[whatwg] CSS5 anyone? Or a WHATWG CSS3 Working Group would be

> I hope I'm not stepping on a tabooed topic here... It's just that I wish
> that someone would do to CSS what you guys did to HTML.
> I respect the work being done by the W3C CSS Working Group but it just
> doesn't fell enough. It doesn't feel open enough, nor fast enough.
> I really want to see a version of CSS where the language provides a
> straightforward solution to layout rather than a challenge. But I don't 
> see
> it happening with just the efforts and the current structure that supports
> CSS development.
> Is there anything that can be done about this?

These are public lists, so i don't think so.

And all this is changing with IE9 / Firefox 4. And likely will continiue 
doing so, especially as more people start to ditch support for older 
It has little to do with the w3c/whatwg, as far as i understand.

One of the bigger problems, is that browser versions are way to far between. 
Browser developers should really pick up the pace, release regular smaller 
updates, etc.
That would also raise awareness of updates, and bring it on par with the 
awareness of updates for other important stuff, like antivirus and flash.

Jacob Kristensen

Received on Saturday, 19 March 2011 00:29:22 UTC