[whatwg] Optional non-blocking mode for simple dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt).

On 1 Mar 2011, at 15:58, James Graham wrote:

> On 03/01/2011 04:50 PM, Ben Rimmington wrote:
>> However, some mobile platforms have a local notification service [3]
>> [4] [5] [6]. A new window.notify() function might be useful, so that
>> a background card/tab/window can display a message to the user.
> See [1] for the current state-of-play in giving access to system notification mechanisms.
> [1] http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/WebNotifications/publish/Notifications.html

Thanks for the link. The "Web Notifications" spec doesn't mention a mailing list -- I assume that <public-webapps at w3.org> should be used.

P.S. I've just found a good summary of mobile Web technologies:


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