[whatwg] Rel and META values

Five days ago I wrote:
> No META value will *ever* become a microformat; the very concept of  
> invisible metadata is anathema to microformats?it's impossible for a  
> META keyword value to pass the microformats process.
> Should everything on the wiki page be marked as "unendorsed" or,  
> more realistically, should the conditions for acceptance be altered?

I've updated the wiki page for META values, removing the reference to  
the microformats process.

Meanwhile, back on the Rel values wiki page...

Can anyone help with either of my questions:

> 1. Should I change all of the values derived from XFN from  
> "proposal" to "accepted" as they seem to fit this criteria?
> 2. I don't think passing the buck to the microformats community is  
> necessarily a good idea. There are perfectly  good values listed  
> (e.g. rel="accessibility") that would/should probably never become a  
> microformat but are still good semantic values. Will they really be  
> rejected outright?

Thanks in advance,


Jeremy Keith

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